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A method of test cases management based on inverted index

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198304D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-04
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Test cases management is a critical process of software testing. Here we introduce a method of test cases management based on inverted index data structure. We use the Inverted Index as the structure to sort all the test cases and setup a data strucure.Based on the structure, we can "Search" with the keywords in the managed test cases and all related test cases will be listed with required order. So it’s very convenient and very flexibility to get the test cases for the related functions or features, for latest regression test, for the easily failed, and so on.

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A method of test cases management based on inverted index

   Test cases are the basic elements of the software testing. The test cases number will increase greatlyand become more complicated with the software increasing functions. It's important and costs more and more time and labor on how to manage these test cases efficiently and choose the correct and necessary test case for the special function or the difference phase of testing.

There's some works on how to manage the test cases:
This system uses an encapsulation and inheritance structure to manage the test cases. http://www.google.com/patents/about?id=a6YGAAAAEBAJ
This system uses a Client/Server structure to manage the test cases.
This system uses a list structure to manage the test cases.

  Inverted Index is the most popular data structure used in document retrieval systems, usually used on a large scale for example in search engines.

   We usually manage test cases by related features orfunctions and some additional tags. But many test cases usually are involved with more than one features or functions, and the tags are not enough to describe the test cases correctly and efficiently.

Here we use the Inverted Index structure for test cases Management.

   Each test case is described by the words about the steps related to the features or the functions of the software, or the words in the headline or other tags of...