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A Clean Method for Making of Nano-Wires

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198361D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-05
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Disclosed is invention for a two-phase cleaning solution containing a water-HF solution, and a second phase chemistry.

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A Clean Method for Making of Nano -Wires

In order to maintain the RC performance of back-end-of-line (BEOL), integration of

ultra-low-k material (dielectric constant < 2.4) is needed for 22nm and beyond. However, due to the modulus of the ULK and the very tight pitch (<100 nm), dielectric

flop-over is an issue for process development. Further investigation found that the

dielectric flop-over comes after diluted HF clean process. Inventors also observed that

the degree of flop-over depends on rinse/dry chemistry. Three factors relate to the

observed patterned dielectric defection:
• Capillary force from/during dHF clean
• Geometry of the patterned dielectric
• Material property- Modulus

This is more serious for the trench first with metal hard mask (TFmHM) process due to

the high stress of the TiN hard mask.

Since the patterned dielectric flop-over has been observed post dHF, this disclosure

resolves the problem by reducing the capillary force. A new approach must resolve the

issue and fulfill the following three topics:
• Providing a method to fabricate ULK damascene without pattern flop-over
• Optimization of a clean process/ chemistry to reduce capillary force
• Reducing defectivity and enhancing high-volume manufacturability
The invention is a two-phase cleaning solution containing a water-HF solution, and a

second phase chemistry.

This chemistry needs to fulfill the following conditions:
• Solubility of Chemistry A to wafer is low
• DensityA < Densit...