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Remote Queuing Service with Notification

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000198780D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-16
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This invention provides a service that can make customers queue remotely. A customer just need to go to the establishment when his queue position is coming soon.

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Remote Queuing Service with Notification

Remote Queuing Service with NotificationRemote Queuing Service with Notification

Customers often need to queue when do business in establishments that are crowded like banks and hospitals. The queues are quite long especially in China . Customers wait in the establishments or go around for some time after getting their position numbers , but they often miss the numbers when coming back and they need to queue again . A lot of time is wasted on this. The establishments also need to provide a wide space for queuing people .

A service is designed that can make customers queue remotely . A customer just need to go to the establishment when his queue position is coming soon . Customers' time is saved and the establishments' place can free.

The customer requests and gets a queue position number before going to the establishment through cell phone messaging . When the customer's turn is coming soon , he gets another message to notify him to go to the establishment .

As people always take cell phones with them , it's most convenient to use cell phone messaging to implement our invention . The following figure describes the whole process .

1. The Establishment applies a queue service number from the Queue Server .
2. The Queue Server returns the service number to the Establishment and register it .
3. The Customer sends a message to a special service number to request a position number in a special queue and customize how early to be...