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Automatic telephone answering system on a caller side Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199293D
Publication Date: 2010-Aug-30
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This disclosure mention the mechanism that makes automatic answering enable to call center guidances.

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Automatic telephone answering system on a caller side

The point of this disclosure is voice recognition system that recognizes guidances from the call center, and send DTMF of pre-input user's information at appropreate time automatically. This makes automatic response enable from caller (user) side.

These mechanism is implemented on a caller side's phone only and makes no change to the call center system.

In advance, learning mode of the phone maps voice guidance to information that user want to send. In learning mode, user put a tag to the information by using key of the phone, that indicates what kind of information it is. For example, if a user put F-3 key and a date following the guidance "Please input resend date", the guidance is recognized and mapping resend date to the guidance is memorized in the phone.

In second round or later, a user can input information in advance to call the callcenter using the mapping above. For example, if a user want to input resend date, put F-3 key and the resend date. Then he/she call the callcenter. When the guidance from call center says "Please input resend date", the phone recongnize the message and send DTMF according to the information the user input before.

In this manner, a user can input information for answering guidances from call center before actual call. This makes shorten the time to operate for answering the guidances.