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Pressed and Sintered shaped charge liners Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199497D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-07
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To make a shaped charge liner using pressed tungsten with an infinite shelf life.

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Title of Invention:

Pressed and Sintered shaped charge liners

Abstract of the Invention:

To take a set of tools of the desired shape and press a liner with a composition of powdered metals consisting of copper 5 to 80 nickel 5 to 80 tin 5 to 80 tin 5 to 80 and tungsten 5 to 90 at a pressure great enough to cause the liner to be formed well enough to be handled. The liner should then be place on a mandrel of carbon ceramic or stainless steel with the shaped of the liner resting on the conforming part of the mandrel. This will be place in a sintering oven in a no atmosphere environment or in a vacuum sintering oven until adhesion has occurred. After removal the part may or may not require coining or restriking.