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USB Removable Disk Drive Blocker Tool for Windows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000199934D
Publication Date: 2010-Sep-21
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USB Removable Disk Drive Blocker Tool for Windows

There are two programs which run simultaneously,

Main Blocker Tool program, which monitors the registry key and updates it.

Tool Tracker program, which keep track of the existence of the Main Monitoring program in the memory.

Tool Tracker Program:-

Once the installation is done, Tool tracker program will be deployed to the pre-defined location in the physical drive and executed to start running in background. This tool will check the windows processes to check whether the Main Monitoring Program is running. If the Main Monitoring Program is not running, this Tool Tracker program will deploy the Main monitoring program to the pre-defined location in the physical drive and continue the tracking the program existence in the memory.

Main Blocker Tool Program:-

      The main blocker tool program is the one which runs in background silently and keep checking the registry keys and updates the key as required.

This program has some sub programs as below,

Main Monitoring Program

Set Hotkeys program
Toggle program
Change Password program
Show Password program
Terminate program

Main Monitoring Program:

      The main Monitoring program will be started, the moment the tool is launched and this program is initiated with a pre-defined time interval (eg.XXsecs) to check the registry key value of the keyword "KEY/ VALUE [A]". And if the Key value is not as set, this routine will re-set the program to the required settings in the windows registry.

Set Hotkeys Program:

This program will set the pre-defined hotkeys for the below programs, Toggle program : Hotkey = CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F
Change Password program : Hotkey = CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+P
Show Pa...