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Using search engine analytics for file operations

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000201707D
Publication Date: 2010-Nov-18
Document File: 1 page(s) / 17K

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Disclosed is an improved method for saving and storing project files. The method uses a desktop analytics engine suggest directory locations for file save and other related operations.

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Using search engine analytics for file operations

When working on a project in a desktop application (e.g., creating a new document or presentation) a user must navigate to the location in which to save the file onto the file system. Often, users needlessly create multiple directories, forgetting that they had previously created a directory to save files from that same project. This leads to filing chaos and sometimes duplication of efforts.

The authors found no existing art relating to the disclosed solution.

This disclosure offers a file storage solution to that problem by suggesting a storage location.

The core idea of the disclosed invention is to use the desktop analytics engine to suggest directory locations for file save and other related operations.

The implementation of this invention is as follows:
1. The analytics engine creates an index from items such as the names of the files, key words within the file, date, time and other metadata data

2. When a user attempts to save a file (or any other file related operation) the system intercepts the request

3. The system then applies the analytics it generated in step 1 to offer a list of directory options to where the file might be stored

4. The user selects one of the options or navigates to the location using the conventional mechanisms