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Calendar Portal Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202236D
Publication Date: 2010-Dec-10
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Meeta Jain: INVENTOR


There are a few basic things that most people hang up in their houses.

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Calendar Portal

Description of the Invention:

There are a few basic things that most people hang up in their houses.

1. Wall Clocks

2. Calendars

To further elaborate on calendars, they come in different shapes and sizes. Most people like to mark them with events. They have to be replaced every year with new ones.

My idea is a thin digital calendar. It would be a really thin tablet which can be mounted on the wall. It can vary in sizes from 13 inch 21 inch. Below is the functionality I imagine in it.


Meeta Jain

Invention Disclosure:

What issues/problems does your invention try to address?

It's addressing the issue of still using paper calendars which


  • need to be replaced
  • once marked can't be erased
  • need to be set to a different month at the end of each month

By making them digital the convenience of doing the same tasks increases many fold.

How did others try to address these issues/problems?

There are many 'online' calendars which need laptops, phones or tablets. I think technology should add convenience to people while staying in tune with their present lifestyle. Calendars are a part of people's lifestyle. People like to hang them up on the walls of their houses or office since they help remind them events and dates. This device would serve both of the above purposes.

Explain your invention and specifically identify the new and novel features.

Basic Model Features:

1. Can be mounted on the wall.

2. Touch Screen, with a stylus to write events.

3. The screen displayed will be the month in calendar form. People can use the stylus to fill in their events or activities on individual days.

4. One swipe of hand (say from right to left...