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IP.com Daily Certification Record

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202250D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Dec-13
Document File: 3 page(s) / 155K

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IP.com Daily Certification Record

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IPCOM000202249D AEDDA60CBBD20684960A0ED8CD9A4A191F3BFE70108936BE65C0FF2E23FD71D761B0A6A8 rt2mDLvSBoSWCg7YzZpKGR87/nAQiTa+ZcD/LiP9cddhsKao D9A0A0600A88EFA4B3612C048688DA93

IPBCR000005291 2aCgYAqI76SzYSwEhojak612vXUsNv+ZL7tmiibGlWFEK3hC QNC57k+aicYDb8sUpJITNGeF3WWEmFyk2/xxtGFW/3tAY5zG