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Business integration middle-ware with smart fault reporting

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Publication Date: 2010-Dec-16
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Faults and exceptions are used to convey error or warnings in modern software systems, especially a business integration system. This article describes a business integration middleware including business integration tool and business integration broker, which allows user to develop business integration systems with smart fault reporting across different subsystems.

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Business integration middle-ware with smart fault reporting

Challenges in the Fault Transformation across Business Integration System

Faults and exceptions are very important in modern software systems. In software systems including multiple subsystems from different vendors, especially a business integration system, faults and exceptions are used to convey error or warning information from one subsystem to another. Due to the different design patterns among different subsystems and vendors , the exception formats and mechanisms are usually different, and therefore business integration tools have difficulty in transforming the fault information from one subsystem to another subsystem. To enable inter-operation, most faults and exceptions share 2 elements: 1) an integer type fault number and; 2) a string type fault message. However, these 2 elements can contain very limited information and usually user getting these 2 elements has to search the web to find more information according to them . The usability and consumability of existing systems are bad because user usually cannot get the enough information to analysis and recover from faults when getting a fault number and fault message. The full information to analyze and recover from faults usually not built in the software and lively updated by the software vendor of the subsystem throwing faults.

Core Idea description

This present invention is a business integration middle-

ware including business integration tool

                                                             (used during development time) and business integration broker (used at runtime). The tool allows user to define Fault Mapping Rule during development time of the business integration system. The broker retrieves the detail fault information according to the Fault Mapping Rule during runtime and reports it to user.


By developing a business integration middle-

ware with smart fault reporting functionality,

we can create a consolidated view of the


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whole system


This is represented by the following diagram:


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Integration Tooling: User could create t...