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Oil-fat tray in airfryer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202881D
Publication Date: 2011-Jan-06
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Oil-fat tray in Airfryer

Air fryers have a closed cooking chamber. The closed chamber leads to accumulation of fat and oil in the lower areas of the cooking

chamber/cooking pan. This may lead to bringing back the oil and fat into the ingredients back again, or the oil/fat may fly around in

the cooking chamber and burn on the heater. By providing a slightly tilted bottom of the pan with an opening towards a drip tray, the

related problem(s) can be solved.

In current air fryers ingredients may be swimming in their own liquids (moisture, fat oil). Sometimes the liquids are allowed to drip

into a pan. Removing the liquids from the cooking process by making a drainage hole and a tray prevents unwanted re-absorbtion of

fat and oil, and prevent the liquids to be burned because of the temperature in the cooking chamber.

It is preferred to have minimal burned fat and oil in the ingredients and to have a device which is easy cleanable. It is preferred to

minimize possible smoke emission of the appliance by removal of excessive oil and fat.

By application of a tilted pan bottom in the air fryer, a drainage hole in the lowest point of the pan/chamber and a (removable) drip

tray which is located under the hole, the issues as addressed here above can be positively influenced.