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Damper Plate with Compliant Contact

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000202985D
Publication Date: 2011-Jan-13
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Currently, FIPG donut contact is used to confine damper plate motion during shock events. However FIPG would lift damper plate during HDD manufacturing rework due to FIPG's adhesion to damper plate. The disclosed damper plate (DP) has compliant contacts, which nominally contact top cover.

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Damper Plate with Compliant Contact

    The disclosed hard disk drive (HDD) damper plate (DP) has compliant contacts, which nominally contact the top cover. The compliant contacts have a smaller pushing force to the cover than solid structure as the worst assembly tolerance can be several tenths of a millimeter, yet it is stiff enough to prevent the damper plate from disk contact during shock events.

Advantages of the disclosed damper plate include:
- Small and managable pushing force to cover,
- Single part, no additional FIPG contact on cover,
- No adhesion between DPs and DP to cover.
- HDD manufacturing process remains the same

One preferred design of the disclosed damper plate is shown in Fig. 1.

Compliant contacts

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Fig. 1 Damper plate with compliant contacts

If designs provide similar contact stiffness, variation of the disclosure can be designed, but not limited to the ones shown in Fig. 1 and 2.

Compliant contact

Fig. 2 Alternative damper plate compliant contact design

Disclosed design with contact stiffness = 1E3 N/m can effectively restrain damper plate to disk gap change.

The pushing force of the damper plate contacts to the cover is less than 2 N under 3 Sigma tolerance between damper plate to cover.

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CBD Disk/Damper Plate Gap Change



Contact Stiffness K

= 103




Gap change (mm)







Gap Change...