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Method for providing radio stations based on user preferences. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000203277D
Publication Date: 2011-Jan-21
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Disclosed is a system which automatically records user preferences for radio stations and then scans local broadcasting stations to identify those that match the preferences.

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Method for providing radio stations based on user preferences .

Most end users have specific preferences for types of music while listening to the radio. The problem is that when traveling, the user isn't easily aware of local radio stations that play their preferences.

A current solution to this problem exists related to the areas of Internet radio; users can begin to build preferences based on songs they like and dislike, or they can manually select a specific genre. Satellite radio also gives the end user the ability to manually select a wide range of stations based on different preferences.

There is also an instance of relevant prior art. [1] This solution, however, doesn't appear to provide the end user with automated scanning or searching for their radio preferences, neither does it provide the user with the ability to select stations based on those visited most often.

The disclosed solution is a system which enables the radio to "learn" user preferences based on what the user listens to most of the time. Then, the radio is able to scan and search for stations based on those affinities when requested.

The core idea of the disclosed system is two-fold:
1. The radio has the ability to remember stations/genres to which the user listens on a regular basis. This can be based on percentage of time spent listening to stations or which stations are programmed as favorites on the car.

2. The radio then uses this information whenever the end user wishes to scan the...