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Modularized Integrated Processor

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000206102D
Publication Date: 2011-Apr-13
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Use of modularized integrated processors (MIP) for controlling fuel reforming systems in improved manner.

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Modularized Integrated Processor


Use of modularized integrated processors (MIP) for controlling fuel reforming systems in improved manner.



Proposes use of modularized integrated processors (MIP) with minimal external controls.  Figure 1 shows a basic MIP layout with the integrated fuel processor 1, a mixing block with fuel/air mixing valve 2, reformer outlet 3, fuel inlet 4 and air inlet 5.  Another feature of the MIP design is its maintainablility whereas the fuel reformer 1 can be removed off of the mixing block 2.  The proposed design would take advantage of the MIP’s modularity by integrating several MIP units into a desired plant reformer output.  For example, Figure 2 shows 3 parallel MIP units, for a total power output of 15 kW,  fed by a common air blower and fuel inlet feed and interconnected by a common reformer outlet manifold.  A three (3) position valve connected to the air blower provides an off position, a fixed 1kW position, and a fully open position.  The units are started up so all are producing a fixed 1 kW worth of reformate, for Figure 2 the total reformate would then be 3 kW.  As reformate power is required the air blower ramps up to a given speed which corresponds to 4 kW worth of air required and the three way valve opens fully, at this point Figure 2’s reformate power would equal 7 kW of power.  This process would continue up or down as the load demanded.  To ensure that the single MIPs are operating properl...