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Inductive laptop lock with alarm

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208637D
Publication Date: 2011-Jul-14
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This invention provides a lock system that can remind the laptop owner to lock the computer. There are RFID devices set in the laptop, lock and the owner's badge. If the owner is away and the laptop is not locked with the lock is nearby, the system will alarm.

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Inductive laptop lock with alarm

This inspiration came from a computer security concern especially for laptop. Laptops are expensive and furthermore, if they are for business use, they are

likely to contain business confidential information as well. Computer locks currently in use have no mechanism to remind the owner to lock the computer. If the

owner forgets to lock the laptop and as a result it is stolen, both the owner and the company will suffer big losses. This invention can help remind the owner to

lock the laptop.

We use RFID to implement the lock system with alarm.

A RFID reader set in laptop. RFID taps set in the lock and owner's badge. There is also an annunciator in the laptop. The laptop can identify the matched lock

and badge. If the laptop is not locked and the lock is nearby, alarm will sound via hardware if the owner is away. The cost of RFID addition is very cheap and

no power is needed for the lock and badge.

Figure 1 Computer lock system


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Figure 2 Flow chart


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1. Initialization

The owner makes the laptop to remember its matched lock and badge.
2. The owner is away

The RFID reader in laptop can't find the badge within its scope which means the owner is away.
3. The laptop checks if it is locked.

Yes: nothing to do.

No: go to step 4.
4. Looks for its matched lock nearby.

No: nothing to do

Yes: go to...