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A bumper for hoses in a raised floor data center

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000217978D
Publication Date: 2012-May-14
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A bumper for hoses in a raised floor data center is disclosed. The bumper prevents damages to hoses jutting out of tile cutouts.

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A bumper for hoses in a raised floor data center

When water supply hoses and return hoses of heat exchangers are routed under the floor in a raised floor data center, the hoses may be fed to the heat exchanger through a cutout in a floor tile. Feeding the hoses through cutouts in tiles may cause significant damage to hoses during usage. The damage may be caused by the cutout as hoses are subjected to movement when the heat exchanger doors are opened and closed. Disclosed is a bumper to prevent damage to hoses in a raised floor data center.

In an exemplary but non limiting embodiment as seen in fig. 1, a bumper is installed at the corner of a cutout to prevent damage to hoses.

Figure 1

The exemplary bumper is a rubber donut sandwiched between two washers and held together by a threaded bolt and nut. The bolt is attached to the under tile support shown in fig 2 and fig 3. Upon attaching the bolt to the under tile support, the nut is tightened to squeeze the rubber donut beyond the diameter of the washer so as to provide a cushioned bumper against which the hoses may rest.


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Figure 2

Figure 3

Thus, the bumper provides a cushion for hoses and prevents damage to hoses jutting out of tile cutouts.