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IP.com Daily Certification Record

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000218897D
Original Publication Date: 2012-Jun-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2012-Jun-08
Document File: 3 page(s) / 81K

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IP.com Daily Certification Record

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IPBCR000005959 6lLtayTXsL5/GQ7ZmiE5F+wo3mkFGo0r0R7X0OhTfrt5zHne HTEIZNR8oPi8OAuk/xk//YClLZ5jTplzJgx1rbnYcQa+gZrI jzi4k0s3itV6XkZsKvFxUeS7Kz/Szp03OQvVgN6ao6oCrCHo

IPBCR000005960 AhFuSIO8oOQQ4zse/QkAofZ5kUcgS0OT0GfnGkgoucBFU3GC NXeW0qFvkHRwsN73oJeZtFORLXOZWnWYGSuLymKsIsAYQKSI Y3ZlpSWFnueHjwBLqAYgS+uCgW/Dqruse3b0KmDd2FJBY1x/ 3KJeHwdB4ZtfHTtXmyLgvADBs6LtNFPyMyq9FK8T8r/xpnxA