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The Use of Equations of State to Calculate Sound Velocity Isentropic Expansion Coefficients and Work of Compression

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Publication Date: 2012-Sep-14
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DAT~ June 3, 1976

TO: S. B. Adler

SUBJECT: Paper Publication

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     Equations of state have been differentiated to obtain sound velocity, isentropic expansion coefficients and work of com- pression. The equations of state used are: Redlich-Kwong, Redlich-Kwong (using Cheuh's mixing rulcs), BWR-II and Peng- Robinson. The derivatives to be given in the paper wi]] be obtained from the Redlich-Kwong (Cheuh's mixing rules) equation. This method will be illustrated for a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen (air). This sample problem will include hand calcula- tions using p-v plots at constant entropy. A table will be included that compares predicted values to experimental values, or the equivalent to experimental values. Acceptable results were obtained by this method.