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RTFD: Reset To Factory Defaults

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223313D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-15
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Disclosed is a Reset To Factory Defaults (RTFD) method for reconfiguring Top of Rack (TOR) switches. The user holds the recessed reset switch for more than five seconds, and then the switch automatically resets to factory defaults.

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RTFD: Reset To Factory Defaults

Top of Rack (TOR) switches sometimes require reconfiguring. It is difficult to reset and erase a TOR switch in the field. The process can be long and tedious with the user needing to log into the switch using the serial port and issuing a number of commands to manually erase areas of memory. This method is prone to error.

Reset To Factory Defaults (RTFD) is a simple and reliable method for resetting a switch to factory defaults. The process has evolved over time. The initial switches required the operator to press and hold the reset button during the initial boot up memory test. This required the serial port to be connected. A Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) was added on all TOR switches after the development of the initial switches, to be able to accurately time how long the reset button was being pushed. This also helped eliminate the need to have the serial port connected to do this.

Now, if the user of the switch holds the recessed reset switch for more than five seconds, the switch automatically resets to factory defaults. This allows a previously configured switch to easily be wiped clean and be ready to re-use as if it is a brand new switch.

Figure: The faceplate area of a TOR switch. Note hole for the reset button. A small paper clip needs to be inserted to activate and hold the reset button.

The Reset button is recessed within a hole on the front panel. Use a straightened paper clip or similar object to press the...