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Locking Assembly for Securing a Control Cable to a Vehicle

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223660D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-21
Document File: 6 page(s) / 97K

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This disclosure provides a locking assembly for securing a control cable to a vehicle. The locking assembly includes a lock movable disposed on a bracket and a support body fixed to the cable. The cable can be inserted into the bracket at any orientation around its longitudinal axis. Insertion will cause the lock to lock into the support body and thus retain the cable in position relative to the bracket

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    The present invention relates to a locking assembly 10 for securing a control cable (not shown) to a vehicle (not shown). As shown in Figures 1 - 7, the locking assembly 10 includes a bracket 12 having a bracket surface 14 defining a channel 15. The bracket 12 also has a flange 16 and a housing 18 extending outwardly and opposite from one another. The housing 18 has a housing surface 20 defining a cavity 22. The housing 18 further has first 24 and second tabs 26 extending into the cavity 22. The first tab 24 has an angled first tab surface 28 and the second tab 26 has an angled second tab surface 30 facing the cavity 22 of the housing 18. Furthermore, the first tab 24 has a first wall 32 and the second tab 26 has a second wall 34 facing the exterior of the cavity 22 of the housing 18.

    The locking assembly 10 includes a support body 36 disposed in the channel 15 of the bracket 12. The support body 36 has a first 38 and second 40 ends extending opposite from one another. More specifically, the first end 38 extends over the housing 18 and the second end 40 extends opposite the first end 38 away from the bracket 12. The support body 36 defines a support chamber 42 and a support channel 44, with the support channel 44 having a circular configuration about the support body 36. A portion of the support channel 44 faces the bracket surface 14. More specifically, the support body 36 is disposed in the channel 15, with the bracket 12 disposed in the support channel 44 and the bracket surface 14 abutting the support body 36. The support body 36 further includes a cover 46 disposed around the second end 40 of the support body 36. The support body 36 additionally includes a conduit 52 disposed within the support chamber 42. The conduit 52 extends from the support chamber 42 ov...