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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000224509D
Publication Date: 2012-Dec-31
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In the near future, many existing coal power plants will require CO2 capture units (CO2 scrubber and CO2 stripper) to be installed and the conventional designs do not have sufficient space for such CO2 capture units. A solution is disclosed in this publication by proposing an improved compact design for installation of CO2 scrubber and stripper by slight modification of existing flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubber. In the proposed design the CO2 scrubber unit is installed on the top of the FGD scrubber by extending the walls of the FGD spray tower and also the CO2 stripper is placed surrounding the CO2 scrubber thereby accommodating the CO2 capture unit in a compact space with much lower cost compared to conventional designs of moving a chimney or FGD to a new location and providing large ducts.

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This publication relates to layout design and retrofitting of carbon capture units to coal power plants. In general, various flue gas treatment units such as electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and flue gas desulfurization (FGD) units along with chimney/stack are installed in a very small compact area. Large ducts that carry the flue gas from one unit to another are installed in the space between these components.  The layout of many existing plants was designed without taking account of need for installation of several new units such as CO2 capture unit for example. Some conventional attempts to modify layout while retrofitting include Black (2006), and Reddy and Roberts (2003). Installation of CO2 capture units (CO2 scrubber and stripper) to such power plant requires either relocation of FGD/Stack to available space or provision of long ducts from FGD to a CO2 capture unit far away from it and the bringing it back to the stack. Also the placement of commercially available CO2 capture units in such plants requires large space, blower/energy costs (O&M) and extra capital cost due to ducts in addition to the cost of scrubber and stripper.  To overcome these above drawbacks, an improved compact design of CO2 capture unit for existing coal power plants is disclosed.


Compact layout for coal power plant with CO2 capture is described further with reference to the following drawings:

Figure 1 shows the conventional design of power plants without carbon dioxide capture unit.

Figure 2 shows the proposed compact design of CO2capture unit in power plants.


This publication discloses an improved design of placing CO2 scrubber and stripper using existing Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) for coal power plants. The conventional design of power plant with flue gas treatment units and chimney/stack without carbon dioxide capture unit is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig.1: Industrial Plant design without carbon dioxide capture (Prior Art)

In the proposed design as shown in Fig.2, a CO2 scrubber is installed on the top of the FGD spray tower or SO2 scrubber by extending the walls of the tower. The exhaust gas from the FGD spray tower is collected at the bottom of the installed CO2 scrubber and a solvent to capture CO2 is then sprayed...