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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000224525D
Publication Date: 2012-Dec-31
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The present invention relates to a method for improved control of cross fire tube in certain preloading ramp. The invention disclosed herein allows improved control of the rod-style XFT retainers. By closely controlling the height of the center rails of the clip retainer, both the position/angle and preloading force of the rod-style retainer clip are tightly controlled. Such a method provides improved deflection and thereby controls the preload of the wire clip, parallel to the axis of the IXFT. In addition, the inner and outer retainer guides provides better side-to-side position control on the rod-style clip, when installed.

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The present invention relates generally to crossfire tube retainer  with preloading ramp and more particularly to a wire retainer support block with a preloading ramp.

In general, wire retainer support block with preloading ramp improves the likelihood of a correct rod style crossfire tube (IXFT) retainer installation.  Conventional designs available for preloading ramp allow spring of the clip to open up until the guide rails are contacted.  Such conventional designs allow a large variation in both the load and the relative position of the clip to the slots in the inner crossfire tube (XFT).  Further, such conventional design adversely affects secure retention of the clips.

Poor deflection control, need for weld inspections and high cost are some of the serious limitations presented by the conventional wire retainer designs.

It would be desirable to have an improved wire retainer for rod-style clip retainers with inner crossfire tubes that provides controlled deflection.


Figure 1 illustrates a retainer pinch loading direction for crossfire tube retainer.

Figure 2 illustrates a retainer axial preload direction for crossfire tube retainer.

Figure 3 illustrates controlled height of clip retainer.

Figure 4 illustrates a wire retainer support with a preloading ramp


The present invention allows improved control of the rod-style XFT retainers.  As shown in Figure 1, a commercially available IXFT retainer design uses a rod-style paper clip retainer for the inner crossfire tubes.  Rod-type IXFT retainers are generally preferred, as they are more reliable than plate-style clip counterparts.  Two clip deflections that deformed clip can support are identified.  The two deflections include, deflection loading in a pinch direction on the IXFT as illustrated in Figure 1 and a deflection loading in axial direction preload on the IXFT as illustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 1 - Retain...