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Social Selection radio station playlist

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225400D
Publication Date: 2013-Feb-14
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Disclosed is an automated social selection radio station playlist that allows drivers or passengers to hear preferred music during a drive without manually searching for songs.

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Social Selection radio station playlist

When driving, car a user systematically changes radio stations to find satisfactory music. If the user finds one, and it is near the end of play, then the user must begin searching again. In addition, new hits are broadcast in radio/TV before the user has the chance to download/purchase the song for use with a mobile device and make it available while driving.

A solution is needed that allows the user to find the desired music (i.e., from a playlist)

while driving.

The invented solution is an automated social selection radio station playlist that allows drivers or passengers to hear desired music during a drive without searching for songs.

Using this system/service, a mobile device (e.g., a smart phone) delivers a notification to a driver at a preset number of seconds/minutes before a radio station broadcasts one of the songs in the playlist. The system automatically changes the radio station to the one that is going to broadcast the song. In addition, the system changes the driver/passenger status in all the user's social networking sites to notify all peers of the music to which the user is listening. The system also provides notification of the radio station. A preference for a particular song posted in an online social network (OSN) will

also be dynamically identified by the system and played, even if not in the current playlist. Additionally, those with relationships to the user in an OSN that are determined by the system to have similar music preferences as the user and who have stated preferences for certain songs, are also identified by the system and played on the radio.

The novel contribution is a feature that allows any user that has songs on a playlist in a smart phone or song preferences identified on an OSN, to activate the smartphone to control the audio system in the car and to alert others about music status changes.

There is no known direct prior art.

Steps for implementation:

1. The user (i.e., driver or the passenger(s)) has a playlist of...