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Method and apparatus to exchange encoding-based group information in a commercial building

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Publication Date: 2013-Jul-09
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Described are the method and device to exchange encoding based group information which is stored in online storage.

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Method and apparatus to exchange encoding-based group information in a commercial building


Described are the method and device to exchange encoding-based group information which is stored in online storage.

A group consists of parent, parent's child, parent's friends and their children. It will help a group getting around in a commercial building to detect their lost child who belongs to same group efficiently.


In a crowded commercial building, children has a high risk of getting lost in general. The possibility increases when parents get around in a group, because attentiveness decreases compared to when parents are not in a group. Existing methods and apparatus to detect lost child does not take account of group, and it only works on a parent-to-child basis.


1. component of this invention

This invention consists of following components.

1-1 smartphone

Each parent carries own smartphone. Smartphone communicates with management server and database to check if there are any lost children in a group or not.

1-2 RFID tag or sensor which is attached to child's shoes and baby stroller

RFID tag or sensor attaches to each child's shoes or baby stroller. Smartphone performs a health check with this device on a regularly basis to ensure a child is close. If it fails to communicates with RFID tag or sensor, it initiates "search for lost child" mode by collaborating with other smartphones in a group. See section 2-5.

1-3 Special wireless access point

 Special wireless access point is located at an entrance of commercial building. Smartphone communicates with management server through wireless access point first.

1-4 management server

SNS stores account information with regards to which group each account belongs to. When a parent enters a building, management server checks if he or she gets around in a group by pulling group information from SNS. If it detects a group, management server assigns a group ID to each group, and generates a group diagram. Based on this group ID, it generates SSID. Smartphones in a group communicate over wireless LAN using that SSID. A group means people who

belong to same group registered in SNS, and get around together in a building.

1-5 management database

Management database stores data such as a group diagram, a route which a group


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actually took in a commercial building, and actual lost child incidents. This data helps operating company of a commercial building detect area which is prone to the risk, then improve disposition of each store in a building.

2 Sequence of this invention

2-1 recognition of a group
2-1-1 When a group enters a commercial building, each smartphone receives advertisement from a commercial building's server using push technology. A

smartphone which receives it first becomes "master smartphone".

2-1-2 Master smartphone communicates with management server, and updates database with timestamp. Management server checks which group the parent...