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Performance and Power Screen Timing Optimization Method

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230116D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-20
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Disclosed is a timing optimization method.that uses performance and power screens and manufacturing line re-centering information.

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Performance and Power Screen Timing Optimization Method

Many products use power (leakage) screens and/or performance screens to optimize product power and/or performance, and many manufacturing lines re-center process parameters to optimize yield. Products are timed using nominal (median) manufacturing line centering, the full manufacturing process window, and the sigma of process parameters assumed for the full manufacturing process window.

Figure 1 illustrates the part of the full manufacturing process window that is removed by a leakage screen, and Figure 2 illustrates the part of the full manufacturing process window removed by a performance screen.

Figure 1: All Product to the Left of the Leakage Screen Line will be Scrapped

Figure 2: All Product to the Right of the Performance Screen Line will be Scrapped


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Because many products now use power and/or performance screens, timing done on these products using the conditions described above does not represent how products will be manufactured. In cases where the part is timed using the full process window and the manufacturing line has been re-centered, timing is not optimized for parameters distributions that will be seen in manufacturing. In cases where screens will be applied to products in manufacturing, resource is used during timing to fix set-up or hold issues that will be never seen in manufacturing.

The invention is a method to optimize timing by interlocking planned performance screens, p...