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Method and System to Improve Notification Mails for Social Environments

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230838D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-15
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A method and system to improve notification mails for social environments is disclosed.

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Method and System to Improve Notification Mails for Social Environments

In social environments such as forums and social community threads, it is very easy for users to normally overlook bulk updates from friends. A lot of times the content being

sent may be important, but users may ignore it because of time constraints or because there may not be enough insight into how important the thread is. The most common method of handling updates is to either delete them or not open them at all or set up a notification. However, these methods are oftentimes ineffectual.

Disclosed is a method and system to improve notification mails for social environments. The disclosed system can be enabled in any collaboration environment. The disclosed system monitors group interactions and threads such as, but not limited to, emails, forums, and blogs in a collaboration environment. In addition, the disclosed system monitors each user in an environment to determine how each user interacts with other users. Using a social networking database, the system determines skill levels, interests and relationships amongst the users. The system analyzes the relationships to determine the users who work together and the associated projects.

In a scenario, the system monitors posts and read content of each user. The system identifies tags from the content and builds a log of keywords related to each user. Thereafter, the system maps the users to each other by utilizing the identified tags and responses based on content or interactions. Thus, based on the map data, the system triggers alerts to the related users when one has not viewed new content or new email.

In an exemplary scenario, a user-A starts a social thread-X and expects to interact with a user-B and a user-C. However, in accordance with the scenario, user-C does not respond to the activity even after receiving a notification...