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Method and apparatus for automatic checksum verification for downloadable files based on data in URL

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234166D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-15
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This article describses a new standardised and easy to implement and maintain content verification method based on data contained in URL.

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Method and apparatus for automatic checksum verification for downloadable files based on data in URL

Corruptions and inconsistencies can be introduced in a file that is downloaded from the Internet especially if it is big and download takes many hours. Is it frequent practice to give the user checksum value (like MD5) on the download site so that he can manually verify the file after download and before actually trying to use it. To automate this some sites have build-in Java based tool that is taking over the download and verification process. However, this proprietary technique is not handful or standardised and requires special tools to be used on user side.

Typically, content to be downloaded is described in the form of URL like this: http://my.web.com/path/file.zip

The 'generic' URL can be enriched with file checksum using attribute with well known names. This requires a web browser to be extended to support the new 'enriched' URL format. The URL may be as follows:

http://my.web.com/path/file.zip?checksum_type=md5&checksum_value=234234523 454356456

The attributes are:

· checksum_method = determines checksum calculation method, like MD5 or CRC32

· checksum_value = determines checksum value calculated using given method

Now, when this URL is given to a web browser (for instance after clicking on a HTTP link) the browser knows that after downloading it should calculate checksum using the given method and compare it with the value of checksum_value from URL....