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Generating Food Grade Low Oxygen Atmospheres Following Cold Plasma Treatment

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235469D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-03
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Generating Food Grade Low Oxygen Atmospheres Following Cold Plasma Treatment

The present publication deals  with the  packed food surface decontamination using plasma generated ozone (PLASMAP) with reversion of the ozone to a low level of oxygen to give a long shelf life with a low rate of rancidification.

Standard MAP slows microbial growth. Cold Plasma with air kills bacteria and spores, but the product goes rancid. Cold plasma with standard MAP mixtures may not produce the necessary ozone and may produce non food grade NOX or CO which is not permitted in many geographies.

We propose below a solution allowing the production of ozone whilst maintaining a low oxygen pack :

            - the  pack contains an atmosphere of less than 2% Oxygen, with the remainder Nitrogen, or with some Argon if it would help in creating good plasma conditions.

- the aim is  to create a content close to  20 ppm of Ozone in the pack under the action of the plasma. This has the desired surface decontamination effect, but reversion to Oxygen would only leave less than 2% O2.

- the mixture can be used with fatty materials that would be decontaminated, but would then go rancid at a slower rate due to the low Oxygen concentration.


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