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Disaster and Relief Federated Information System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235626D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-13
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Disclosed is a Disaster and Relief Federated Information System (DRFIS). The system collects structured and unstructured data information from all available sources for pre-disaster, during disaster, and post-disaster management. This system provides immediate access and visibility to valuable, near real-time data that is actionable and user context specific.

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Disaster and Relief Federated Information System

Every part of the world experiences natural and manufactured disasters that seriously affect human lives and the environment. When such events occur, there are a number of organizations that take part of the aid, relief, and recovery efforts from both the government (e.g., Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), fire department, police force, etc.) and private organizations (e.g., The American Red Cross*) and/or Non-Government Organizations (NGO).

In an always-connected modern environment, coordination between these agencies, organizations, and the public can be difficult. The various support organizations do not have a single federated system that helps each understand what another is doing, when, and where. All the involved public and private entities operate and base the associated relief actions using agency-specific data and information in a silo-like manner. More importantly there is also a lack of focus in providing reliable information to the public and the victims of a disaster; a communication breakdown between what the various agencies know and what the public should be aware of.

Currently, an accessible federated system that makes dynamically available the structured and unstructured data information from all available sources for pre-disaster, during disaster, and post-disaster management, does not exist. A method and system are needed to present information with an intuitive visual interface that is also capable of collecting, processing, analyzing, and correlating data on the ground to help prepare, coordinate, and inform anyone involved in a disaster event. Both managers of the incident and the general public need trustworthy information. A high priority must be given to privacy of information and not propagating misinformation.

Disaster and Relief Federated Information System

The novel solution is an end-user centric system called: Disaster and Relief Federated Information System (DRFIS). With an end-user-centric interface, this system provides a context specific mean to access near real-time data related to a specific incidents. The multi-layered system makes connections between the myriad sources and volumes of structured and unstructured data; in other words it selectively makes available critical up-to-date information (in a pre-constructed and organized manner) to the end users, thus empowering them with the knowledge needed to make informed decision. The structure of the system also allows the interaction of a variety of end users' roles, including: responders, coordinators, along those most in need: the victims.

This system is built as a web portal capable of mashing structured and unstructured data to create a multi-layered federated system capable to display information from all available sources and organizations for any type of disaster, to provide a means for pre-disaster, during disaster, andpost-disaster management. The web pages can make heavy u...