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A System and Method for Cloud Service Transformation and Portability

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235802D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-25
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A system and method for cloud service transformation and portability is disclosed.

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A System and Method for Cloud Service Transformation and Portability

Disclosed is a system and method for cloud service transformation and portability.

As cloud services are created and deployed throughout the world by cloud service providers, they are currently done so in a very "developed once and deployed once" manner. The concept that a cloud service can be transformed and made suitable for various cloud providers and environments in a systematic way has not been explored. This is a huge limiting factor for cloud service creators who may want to share their cloud services more efficiently, effectively in a rapidly globalizing world. At the heart of the issue is the unanswered question "How can a cloud service instantiated by a cloud provider in a specific cloud environment be deploy/instantiate into a different cloud environment potentially owned by a different cloud provider?"

Real world examples of this could be:

Converting a search or email services from one cloud provider to another.


Converting a game service from cloud provider to another.


The following components are defined to enable cloud services to be transformable and portable. Cloud Service Definition (CSD) - a detailed functional and nonfunctional description of the requirements, capabilities and content of the cloud service. This includes all meta information to fully take a specific cloud service and transform it so that it is deployable into a target cloud environment. A comprehensive definition of the requirements for the cloud service, its capabilities and its actual content is re...