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Methods and Systems to Display System information using HDD LED

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235887D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-28
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Disclosed is a design using LEDs of the HDD trays to display system diagnostic information

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Methods and Systems to Display System information using HDD LED

Problem description:

Currently the computer servers use LEDs or small LCD to display diagnostic information. For example, the IBM LightPath utilizes a diagnostic panel with small LED to indicate system status or errors.

There is a trend to support more hot swap drives in the system. With more HDDs added, the space in the front side of the system is not enough for the diagnostic panel.

Disclosed is a design using the LEDs of the HDD trays to display system diagnostic information.

The front panel of a system could contain many HDDs trays with LEDs. For example, an IBM 2U server can contain 24 HDD trays maximum at the frond side. In each drive tray, there are 2 LEDs by default, that means one server can have 48 HDD LEDs at the front side. The idea is using these LEDs of HDD trays to display the diagnostic information.

Sample implementation:

The HDD LED is inside the backplane, and HDD tray LED is connected to the backplane for LED display.

HDD LED in the backplane is controlled by SAS controller in previous designs.

The new design adds an I2C bus from IMM (iBMC) to the storage backplane to control HDD LED display (on/off with colors), see blue rectangle below:


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The new design adds LEDs to the dummy filler trays as well. Even if customer does not buy the maximum HDD quantity, the dummy trays still can still contribute the information display.

New functions in IMM (iBMC):

IMM (iBMC) control...