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Method and appartus to measure and indicate instant messaging interactions in real time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236264D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-16
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Method and apparatus to measure and indicate instant messaging interactions in real time

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Method and appartus to measure and indicate instant messaging interactions in real time

Disclosed is an idea to provide means within interactive chat sessions to retrieve direct feedback on which parts of sent chat messages were already read by the chat partner.

The issue in todays standard text chat applications is that there is no hint at all if a text message was read by the receiver or if the chat window is currently hidden somewhere in his window manager and he didn't recognize the chat message at all. Furthermore it is not possible get an indication if the chat message was read completely or if only some parts where read or reread because they weren't understood by the receiver.

To indicate if a text was read and which parts were understood and which ones were complex response messages need to be written. During long chat sessions it is not even clear if all messages were read by the receiver or if one of the aspects was lost because another one is currently discussed within the chat session.

The idea for a solution of the listed issues is based on an eye-tracking system that can be used to provide an additional communication layer in a text chat based application. With that the sender of a message receives a continuous feedback if the receiver is reading the message currently and which part of the message is already read in real time. In addition the sender is also able to understand when a message was completely read and by that when it makes sense to send the next message. It is also possible for the sender to recognize if parts of the messages are reread one or more times by the receiver and by that to provide additional information to ease consumption of the obviously complex text part.

Used state of the art techniques for this invention are: • Eye-tracking system via Fixed-Camera-System
◦ Only static camera like a laptop webcam needed
• Mapping of eye-tracking Information to text part
• Communication between two or more dialog partner via chat system

The flow chart in drawing 1 lists the steps needed for the idea. As a first step the video camera of the eye tracking system on the message receiver side would track the eye movement of the receiver. Since this video camera is calibrated to the current screen, the eye tracking software is able to map the point focused by the eye to a point/area on the screen. The window manager on the receiver system is notified by the eye tracking software of the area being looked at. The instant message application can poll the

window manager for the area being looked at and by that match that area to the characters being looked at within the chat window. Once the characters are figured out it can notify the senders instant message application of the read characters. The senders instant message application will indicate the read characters by a certain color coding.


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    Drawing 1: Flow chart of process to measure and indicate read characters

The following example...