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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000236273D
Publication Date: 2014-Apr-16
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A Human Machine Interface for an appliance, the Human Machine Interface comprising slewing indicators to demonstrate the currently selected appliance settings, and at least one button that is utilized by a user to change the selected settings, which are depicted by the slewing indicators.

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    Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to an appliance and, more particularly, to a dishwasher's Human Machine Interface (HMI) to allow a user to select the appropriate settings.

    In a dishwasher there is provided a HMI, which is utilized by the user to select the appropriate settings, e.g., wash cycle. Most dishwasher HMI's have an indicator located near a button, which illuminates when that particular button is pressed (i.e., selected). Some dishwashers, however, avert the one-to-one, button-to-indicator correspondence by utilizing a Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD), which displays the name of the current cycle. At least one button is utilized to control selections on a VFD display, which does not contain slewing graphics. That is, the pressing of a button(s) changes the selection to the next cycle on the VFD.

    As a result, current HMIs are costly to produce and require considerable space within the dishwasher's control panel. It would be desirable to have a low cost design that utilizes less space on the HMI in order to indicate an appliance's current settings.


Figure 1 shows a Human Machine Interface according to an embodiment.


    Embodiments of the present invention can also be applied in any technical fields that require the selection between multiple alternatives.

    As shown in Figure 1, an embodiment of the present invention provides a Human Machine Interface (HMI) comprising a slewing indicator with a plurality of selection options. An electronic control is connected to a HMI that has at least one button and LEDs. The at least one


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button is dedicated to Dishwasher Cycle Selection. In one embodiment, a single button is utilized. This single button moves the Dishwasher Cycle Selection to the proceeding wash cycle. In another embodiment, as depicted in Figure 1, two buttons are utilized. The first button moves the Dishwasher Cycle Selection to the next wash cycle, while the second button moves the Dishwasher Cycle Selection to the previous wash cycle. These buttons can be depicted as "Up" and "Down" (as depicted in Figure 1), "Forward" and "Backward," or any other combination of words and/or symbols that are found to be appropriate. Furthermore, additional buttons may be utilized while being within the scope of the invention.

    The wash cycle selected is indicated through illuminated...