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Automatic File Shredding on Mobile Devices based on Multiple Security Factors

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237294D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-11
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Secure content on a mobile devices inherently have higher security vunerabilities because of the device's mobility. This article describes a mechanism for better protecting secure content by shredding the data when detecting the device leaving a secure area or moving into at-risk conditions.

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Automatic File Shredding on Mobile Devices based on Multiple Security Factors
It is increasingly common for business files to be downloaded to mobile devices. Some of the files can contain highly confidential information. If the device is stolen, then access to the device often confers access to the files. This can be mitigated in part by using a security profile that locks the device after a period of time and thereafter requires a userid and password and then deletes the content of the device after more than a number of failed login attempts. Or the files themselves can be encrypted and require a passphrase to read the files. Approaches like these are good enough for most uses but they do have flaws. For example, a security profile does not protect the files if the device is stolen while still unlocked (e.g. device left on a counter at a coffee shop) or if the userid and password (or passphrase) is trivial or handled insecurely (e.g. written down on a business card in the case that held the device). These may be acceptable risks for most files but some files are so sensitive that they should be better protected. This article describes a mechanism for better protecting these files.

A security profile can be deployed to the mobile device that describes the conditions under which the mobile device is considered as 'At Risk'. When a device is 'At Risk', the files are shredded. When the conditions are no longer detected then the files are recreated (if possible).