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A system to detect and report safety issues of other vehicles while driving

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237324D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-13
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Disclosed is a system to detect and report safety issues of other vehicles while driving. The system uses sensors, such as a dash camera and a computer, to detect safety issues with other vehicles and reports any issue to the driver of the unsafe vehicle.

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A system to detect and report safety issues of other vehicles while driving

While driving, a driver might notice that a nearby vehicle is having safety issues such as (but not limited to):

a brake light or signal indicator that is not working trunk open gas cover open exhaust dragging burning oil unstable tire
something tied on the roof coming loose

These issues can go unnoticed by the unsafe driver for long periods, potentially endangering themselves and others.

The novel contribution is a system that makes use of sensors such as a dash camera and a computer capable of detecting safety issues with other vehicles. When an issue is discovered, the system (at the driver's discretion) reports the issue.

An example implementation involves a completely automated system composed of one or more sensors , such as a dash camera, and a computer either built into the car or as device connected to the camera . The computer analyzes the sensor data, such as camera footage, to determine if there are safety issues with cars in front of the driver. It also records the associated license plate. If an issue is found, it can announce the issue audibly to the driver of the vehicle with the system, and ask if the issue should be reported. The driver then decides if it should be ignored or if the system should report it.

Another example implementation involves a driver using a mobile application with hands-free/verbal interaction, in which the driver notices the incident and informs the application of the incident . The driver can provide a license plate number and the safety concern. The Global...