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A system and method to automatically generate test case for business process application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237542D
Publication Date: 2014-Jun-23

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1. Background Nowadays, more and more business process managements are involved in enterprise applications and testing area. Since a business process application can include a plurality of pages with different Widgets/field value that contribute to different transitions from page to page, and each page should only be accessed by specific role. The pages and transitions compose complicated process map that brings much challenge for the tester to fully cover the test scope with limited effort, and it is difficult for the tester to cover reasonable scope in the regression.

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A system and method to automatically generate test case for business process application

The business process application include an entry representing the start of the business process, a plurality of intermediate requirement items and an exit representing the end of the business process, a plurality of requirement items include a series of decision point which direct the next pages by transition attributes and a series of non-transition attributes, all the above elements composed one complicated map. By converting the business process requirement map to business tree with test data and Quality Factory, the system can build and extend the transition table per page from leaves to root in the tree according to the test data and Quality Factory. All transition paths from root to leaves can be output as the fully coverage test cases, also the system support to dynamically define the test suite bucket per regression according the Quality Factory.


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This disclosure creates two key models: Build Transition Table model and Quality factor self-adjusted model. It provides apparatus and method to help the tester automatically generate the full coverage test cases for function test phase, and adjust the test suite bucket in the following regression phase which can help to ensure the test quality with least effort. The core idea of the disclosure:


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A method to build and refine a structured tree based on the business requirement diagram and quality factors.

A method to adjust the quality factors based on test execution data and refine structured tree (test case matrix) based on pre-defined policies.

This solution may bring these advantages:

Generate the optimized test case bucket with good test coverage for given Resource Continuously adjust test case priority during test execution
It support risk control and quality assurance in project management, Resource and cost management in project

Below is the overall chart for our invention:



111 Overall Architecture Chart

Overall Architecture Chart


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Firstly, the system allow to import the requirements into the system in the format of customized business process map and extract the UI elements, then the system will classify attributes according to predefined policies together with which the customized business process map will build the process base tree.

Secondly the system will generate the qualify matrix by consolidating the quality factor from test management system and process base tree. Then use the quality matrix to extend the process base tree.

Thirdly the transition table and prioritized test cases will be created. Together with Quality Matrix, test cases can be refined.

Finally, an optimized test execution plan can be worked out by involving the test schedule, resource skill and availability.


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Input Business Requirement

Our system gives an requirement template as below chart. Due to n...