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Modified Nanoparticle Composition for EOR Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237692D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-02
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Modified Nanoparticle Composition for EOR

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Modified Nanoparticle Composition for EOR.

This invention is about a unique nanoparticle composition for enhanced oil recovery. Uniqueness about the composition is to use modified e.g.: oxidized, functionalized, chemically treated carbon based nanoparticle like graphene, graphite, single & multiwalled carbon nanotube, fullerene/bucky ball carbon black,,…etc dispersed in aqueous or organic solvents with or without 1, inorganic salts like NaCl, KCl. MgSO4, CaCO3,…etc 2, with or without organic salts like surfactants 3, with or without other additives like dispersing agent or emulsifier or stabilizer at environmental temperature or application determined temperature. Addition of low concentration of these additives to the naparticles will increase the intration of hydrophobic part of the nanoparticle with the hydrophobic part of the heavy oil/oil.Structural similarity, hydophilicity and hydrophobicity or modified carbon based nanoparticle can effectively be used in oil recovery. Thus this novel formulation could serve well in enhanced oil recovery.