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Feature-Based Web Resource Recommender System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237730D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-08
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The disclosed system aims at helping consumers make a purchase decision on top of certain product catalogue. No specific query criteria is required from user, say price and performance statistics, to obtain the information needed during the purchase decision-making process. A review summary is generated for consumers' reference.

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Feature-Based Web Resource Recommender System

    At the era of rapidly technology evolution, cutting-edge products are no longer top-notch choices in just couple of weeks. Consumers nowadays are having difficult to consume the overwhelming available information whenever they need to make a purchase decision, especially not everyone is fully aware of the discrepancy between their true needs and latest product features/features.

    It's important to fully understand the product domain you are looking into before a consumer to make a right purchase choice. The way we define "right" for purchase choice can be evaluated from the perspectives of either price, performance, quality or features. The internet has been already overwhelmed with as-is information and much of them are being rotated out, becoming out-of-date every few seconds; meanwhile new information is being topped into the world nonstop.

    The most frequently asked questions during the decision-making process of one consumer when he/she has the need, possibly are: Is this product powerful enough to meet my expectation? Does this product have the unique feature I need?

What if the product feature on web is overly exaggerated or even false?

Is the product of good enough quality within it's guaranteed period?\

Is there any new feature that I may find it useful?

  The system aims at helping consumer make a purchase decision on top of certain product catalogue. No specific query criteria is required from user, say price...