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Dynamic Multi-Dimention Email Explore

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000237863D
Publication Date: 2014-Jul-17
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Email has become important tool for our daily business operation. It might involve a large number of persons who you never know or meet. This invention provides a dynamic multi-dimension chart by linking up the sender/recipient's involvement and organization information.

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Dynamic Multi

Dynamic Multi-

--Dimention Email Explore Dimention Email Explore



.. Background Background

Email has become important tool for our daily business operation (like for problem escalation, cross team/geography collaboration, business discussion, etc.) It might involve a large number of persons who you never know or meet. You may get lost with large group of participants and their organization relations. This may cause missing of timely actions. Here are a list of key problems:

It is difficult to know who is the first person initiating the email.

It is difficult to know who are the key or active persons in the email loop.

It is difficult to know the relationship between senders and receivers.

It is difficult to know the level of organization involvement.



.. Summary of Invention Summary of Invention

There are three main points of this invention:

3 It provides a quick glimpse of the involvement of each sender and recipient using "Initiator Initiator/

//Send Send

activities of each participant.

It provides the Dynamic Multi-Dimension (DMD) chart by linking up the sender and recipient's organization information

It provides hot link to display the difference versions of emails.


//Receive Receive



Last" tags to show the

.. Description of Invention

Description of Invention

DMD chart will be appended to each email received. It is easy for each recipient to explore the involvement of each participant through DMD chart. Here is one example of Dynamic Multi-Dimension chart:


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the receiver (receive/last).

The sender will update the sender's counter (send/last) in the tag while the email is sent out.


This tag is maintained at each receiver side. In this step, "New email" button in email application is clicked. Parent ID is assigned to this new email.

Considering emails may be sent out simultaneously by different senders, the information in the tag of each recipient is maintained by

The work flow...