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Method for Advanced Text Deletion in Mobile Devices

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238123D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-04
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Disclosed is to enable enhanced text deletion input without creating another keyboard layout and to have visual effects for previewing text deletion.

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Method for Advanced Text Deletion in Mobile Devices

    Text Input in small-size mobile devices has always been difficult. The focus here is on the experiences of Text Deletion.

Traditionally, virtual keyboard provides a delete key for text deletion, which works fine if you're just deleting a single character.

However if you try delete a word or a line, you'll have to repeatly press the delete key many times, which is very inconvenient

    Currently, there are several other ways to archive text deletion of a word / line: 1. Repeatly press Delete key : unfriendly, easy to delete too much characters by accident

    2. "Tap and drag" to select target word / line to delete, then press Delete key : works, but it's difficult to select text accurately in small-sized screen.

    3. Utilize key repetition techniques such as https://www.google.com/patents/EP2336852A2 to reduce times needed to press Delete key : works better than previous 2 methods, but still not as fast as our proposed method

    To enable enhanced text deletion input without creating another keyboard layout, the "Backspace" key is reused, but enhanced to provide enhanced text deletion functionalities.

    The invention does not alter the layout of virtual keyboards, but provides additional text deletion mechanism just on a single Delete key. Focusing on the area of Text Deletion, our invention provides faster input experiences than all previous solutions.

The invention works by defining special gestures, starting from the Delet...