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An automatic camera system based on intelligent splitting

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238178D
Publication Date: 2014-Aug-07
Document File: 6 page(s) / 284K

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This invention is about an intelligent camera system which can support some new features. The features include that it supputs the user to select multiple regions on the preview display of a picture and the camera system will capture those regions with different focal distances respectively according to each region and finally the camera system will produce multiple pictures for each of the selected regions.

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An automatic camera system based on intelligent splitting

There may have many useful information in some scenes and papers in real life. But I only have interests in some items or regions in them and want to keep those parts excluding other parts.

For example,

1. I am reading newspaper and get interested in one picture and one paragraph, so want to keep them into different pictures as materials in my mobile device.

2. When I am walking on the street, I find the scene is very beautiful, such as setting sun, rainbow, and I want to keep them into different pictures as materials into my mobile device for use in future.

So I need a solution to help me only capture my interested regions into separated pictures excluding other regions and save them into my mobile device for reviewing.

Known solutions:

a. The camera in mobile device can capture all in the scene into a single picture, but can not capture my interested regions into separated pictures.

b. Patent https://www.google.com.hk/patents/US20120120277?dq=20120120277&hl=en&sa=X&ei=wBiLU4KGC4_98QWajIC4DQ&ved=0CDYQ6AEwAA

This patent provide a solution to help me select my interested regions, but it does not mention to only capture those regions into separated pictures.


An intelligent camera system

-- User can select multiple focal points in the preview screen using finger or touch peno

-- The selected area with the focal points as the center can be captured in regular geometric shapes or irregular ones, the camera system can recognize the different areas that includes different focal points and give some models when user select these areas

-- The camera system can produce multiple photos by clicking shutter button once

As the figure 2 showed, user launch the camera app, and select the region they are interested in, (eg, three single figures),you could use template to select, like rectangle, square, triangle, etc, and use fingers to control the size and region you'd like to choose(figure 3), then then press shutter, the camera a...