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Method and System for Calculating Construction Costs of a Project in a Social Business Context

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238979D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-29
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A method and system is disclosed for calculating construction costs of a project in a social business context.

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Method and System for Calculating Construction Costs of a Project in a Social Business Context

Disclosed is a method and system for calculating construction costs of a project in a social business context.

In accordance with the method and system, a model-based calculator is embedded in a flexible social business framework to specify and execute flexible workflows generated from work done using the calculator. Here, the social business framework may include one or more stakeholders. The social business framework is created around the existing calculators. The calculator acts as a central component of a social business network of business activities such as creating specifications, requests for proposals (RFPs), proposals, materials-lists for construction projects and orders for required construction materials. An owner with this type of calculator gains many benefits such as receiving early indications of new projects, profiles of stakeholders and actors in communication industry. The actors in the communication industry may include , but are not limited to, architects/planners, wholesalers/distributors, construction companies, and manufacturers. Additionally, the social business framework may involve multiple stakeholders who are distinct and independent commercial entity such as owner of a structure, architect/designer of the structure, manufacturer of materials, distributor or

wholesaler of materials, general-contractor who manages the application or installation of the manufactured materials to the structure and crafts person (who physically construct the structure).

In an embodiment, the social business framework may include a construction calculator, a library of construction models, and a library of workflows and a list of potential participants. An owner of the calculator may request for an informal estimate and specification related to the construction. An architect in the social business framework creates an estimation and specification of a project using a model library and shares data with the owner through a workflow library. Thereafter, the owner examines the specification sent by the architect and creates a RFP based on the specification. Also, the owner shares the specification with a plurality of architects . The plurality of architects may create one or more proposals upon receiving RFPs from the owner as illustrated in Fig. 1.


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Figure 1

As illustrated in Fig. 1, the one or more proposals are created using a proposal feature in the calculator and shared with the owner. The owner inspects the one or more proposals and evaluates the one or more proposals using an evaluation feature of the calculator in reference with the specification. The owner may then select a relevant proposal from the one or more proposals.

An architect who created the selected proposal may create a detailed specification ,

which is further submitted to the owner. The owner intercepts and accepts the detailed specification. Ther...