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Pre-tensioned strut Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239340D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-31
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A pre-tensioned strut for aircraft with a high aspect ratio is proposed.

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Pre-tensioned Strut

A strutted wing is especially useful for aircraft with a high aspect ratio (slender wing). Here, the drag- penalties of the strut can be overcompensated by the weight benefit due to structural efficiency

Struts are often used to brace wings of general aviation aircraft or on turbo-prop aircraft. In this case, the strut is loaded by tension and compression. If compression becomes too large, the strut will buckle and fail. To overcome this, strength needs to be added to the strut, increasing its dimensions and weight

No aircraft exist, where the strut is pre-tensioned in order to reduce the buckling constraint. A subject that may be assessed is the use of a rope in case of the A/C called "Phantom Eye". Here, buckling also may not dimension the supporting element.

The weight and dimensions of a wing-strut can be reduced. The size-reduction leads to a drag reduction.

The picture above depicts a fuselage/wing/strut combination In case of positive (upwards) load to the wing, the strut is loaded with tension. In order to withstand this load, a certain dimension (thickness) "x mm" of the strut is required. In case of negative (downwards) load to the wing, the strut is loaded with compression. In this case, Buckling will be dimensioning and lead to a greater required thickness y mm ยป x mm. This is not only bad for weight, but also causes significant aerodyn...