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Hierarchical Resource Locator And Determination Algorithm

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239372D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-03
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Disclosed is recommendation engine that generates a hierarchical employee list of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based on keywords specific to task for which a user needs assistance.

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Hierarchical Resource Locator And Determination Algorithm

A method is herein disclosed for matching a subject matter expert (SME) with a user

who needs help with a specific task. To find an SME, it is known to search through user profiles, such as profiles of employees of a business enterprise, or to get a referral from one person to another.

The method disclosed herein includes a recommendation engine that generates a hierarchical employee list based on keywords specific to a user's task (the "SME recommendation engine"). The hierarchy of the employee list is determined by content, correctness, and efficiency of the deliverables of each specific employee. The SME recommendation engine provides an immediate connection with the top SME in the user's area of interest.

The SME recommendation engine accesses a data store of keyword based deliverables for each employee. A deliverable can include items such as code commits or other proprietary materials that are solutions to a documented task. These deliverables are organized in the data store based on searchable keywords pertaining to specific aspects of a task as well as the overall quality of the deliverable. Responsive to the user clicking a help button, the SME recommendation engine starts a hierarchical resource locator and determination algorithm.

The determination algorithm finds matches between the specific aspects of a user's task and the aforementioned deliverables in the data store. Based on the number of matches, along with the quality of each given deliverable, the system generates a hierarchy amongst...