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A method to automate collection of data (text/image) from various sources and insert into File without bringing File to frontend.

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Publication Date: 2015-Feb-09
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A method to automate collection of data (text/image) from various sources and insert into files without bringing files to frontend. This article provides steps to follow to store content from multiple applications to destination files.

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A method to automate collection of data (text/image) from various sources and insert into File without bringing File to frontend .

While collecting information out of an overwhelming heterogeneous set of data that includes texts and pictures, a user has to do:
Select -> copy -> (open another application like Word document/Notepad) -> Paste/Append -> Save -> Close
These operations are repeated and can be automated.

Problem example: Someone working out to find out prior art on his/her disclosure. Whenever he finds something related in "source", he would copy from source and paste it after bringing the recording document to front end. It takes significant time out of the total effort time of research from user to open, bring the document in front end GUI and paste the data, save it every time before closing. User may also sometimes add some information manually to refer the "source" later about where he got that data from.


Below is how application will help to automate the steps

1. Application when run will ask user to start a project. (Equivalent to create a folder)

2. Then will be asked to name the file. (Equivalent to create a new file)

3. Specify a path for that file (Equivalent to saving that file).

4. Now whenever the "Data-collection" application is running, user can select from the menu of task/Project once. One way to achieve this is by having an icon in task bar and on right click user can select the task from the list of Projects.

Note: If a single task is created then that will be the default task.

5. That's it, now no more copying, opening another file and saving it. All should be taken care by "Data-Collection" application.

6. While going through a source ( a document, web page, any opened file or the Address bar of URL etc.), user can do two things to select data i. for text he can do usual select moving the cursor by clicking left mouse button.

    ii. for picture he can select that area using mouse selection 7. After selection right click of mouse would give a new option "Register" or "Collection". 8. Clicking on the new option, "Register" nothing more is expected from user, data from clip board will be moved to the specified file of the task running and will be saved. It will not even be moved to front end. Application and OS has to handle that in back end.


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9. Each entry can be labeled with a header while appending to the file.




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