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Smart Belt For Tracking Waist Size

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241064D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-24
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Disclosed is an adjustable belt that the user wears around the waist to track increases and decreases in waist size. The belt device is connected to an electronic health monitoring system or mobile device, providing an easy way to measure, record, and track the user’s pants/waist size and use it as an indicator of progress toward health and fitness goals

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Smart Belt For Tracking Waist Size

During the weight loss process, it is helpful for a person to measure progress by measuring both inches (i.e., waist circumference, pant size) and weight. The system disclosed herein accurately measures a person's waist as an indicator of weight loss or gain. The user wears an adjustable belt device connected to an electronic health monitoring system or mobile device, providing an easy way to measure, record, and track the user's pants/waist size. Tracking the data over time through a mobile device allows the user to see gains/losses over time. In addition, the belt device automatically stretches to accommodate changes in the wearer's size (e.g., expands with the user's stomach after a large meal, tightens in response to weight loss). This optimizes user comfort while wearing the belt device.

The disclosed system focuses on health indicators, such as appearance, that help the user move toward an ideal self-image through fitness, which is reflected in waist or pants size. The system helps users track pants sizes/inches and provides feedback or insight that the user can apply to make better health choices. In addition, the system can track a user's breathing, which may be an indicator of other health-related conditions.

The system provides updates if the user is not maintaining preset goals. The system can make food recommendations based on the current waist size (e.g., size is too high, eat a vegetable; size is too low, eat a fatty protein). The system may also serve as a heart monitor while also serving its original purpose of keeping the wearer's pants in place. In one alternative, the belt device stretches to suit the user, so sizing holes in the belt are not necessary.

In an example embodiment, Use...