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Use agent to attend multiple conference call and take predefined action when certain topic is discussed

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241497D
Publication Date: 2015-May-07
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This disclosure describes a system to use an intelligent agent to attend multiple conference calls on behalf of human user. The intelligent agent is a software application which can listen and interpreter multiple phone lines. And the agent also have controller to handler each line with rules like atuo-reply, take notes or notify user. With this method, user can predefine the interested topic and corresponding action in the system to automatically perform response to improve human's productivity.

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Use agent to attend multiple conference call and take predefined action when certain topic is discussed

With economic globalization, people need communication via phone more often than ever. So there are more and more conference calls today. However, as an individual, not all the calls are important, some calls may optional to him, and some call may only require him for a specific topic and he needn't join it all the time. Too many calls will distract him from his work, and sometimes there are conflict calls that he can not attend at the same time. The problem is before he really join the call, he may not know if the meeting is important or worth attending. There may be agenda announced before meeting but they may not always help. So he need an agent join the conference call on behalf of him and only attend meeting himself when really needed.

In a former solution in patent US8295462, user can use an agent listen to a call and notify user when certain topic is discussed. However the agent use noise detector to capture the noise and check if it hit a predefined voice pattern. However it can only listen to one call and the only ability when find a certain topic is discussed is to notify user..

In this disclosure we invent a system to use an intelligent agent to attend multiple conference calls on behalf of human user . In this system user can connect to multiple lines at the same time, actively join 0 or 1 call himself, which is called active mode. The rest calls are listened by the intelligent agent, which is called passive mode. User can manually switch between lines or even be passive to all lines. The intelligent agent should have artificial intelligence, it can dictate the voice on the phone and understand the human language. User can predefine some topic he is interested in the system, and for each topic he can define some action item for the agent. These actions can be but not limited to the following:

a) auto-reply, for some easy informational question, user can prepare answer and store them in agent, when being asked in the phone, agent can answer these question automatically.

b) take notes, when agent hear a topic that user is interested, it can dictate the content on the phone.

C) notify user, agent can notify the user by visual content in screen, sound or email when certain topic is being discussed on the phone.

Compared with current technology, our agent can listen to multiple lines not a single one. And it use artificial intelligence to not only hear but also understand the content on the phone, so it can perform more actions than only notify user. This is a big improvement.

Here is the architect overview diagram of our disclosure


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The device is a hardware that can be used to make a phone call, also user can install apps on it. It can be a cellphone, pad, laptop, desktop or telephone.

The phone system is software or hardware component in the device, it is used to make or receive calls directly. It can han...