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Intelligent selection of photos to display on a digital photo frame

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241950D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-10
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Using environmental context to select photos to display on a digital photo frame or other display screen.

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Intelligent selection of photos to display on a digital photo frame

Digital photo frames are great for being able to display a larger range of photos, especially as digital photography has vastly increased the number of photos that people take. However, photos may not always be relevant, interesting, or even appropriate for the current audience depending on who is in the room. You can use knowledge of who is in the room, or in view of the photo frame, to determine which sets of photos to display.

Working out who is in the room:
- Proximity of bluetooth/nfc/wifi devices

    - Facial recognition - Audio recognition
Working out which photos to display: - Rules based decision system with rules provided by frame owner - Photos tagged by the owner as relevant to that person - Photos from social services that are related to that person (tagged, comments, photos in albums that also contain that person)

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