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Method and System for Continuous Operation of SaaS environments during Upgrades

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242049D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-16
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A method and system for continuous operation of Software as a Service (SaaS) environments during upgrades is disclosed.

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Method and System for Continuous Operation of SaaS environments during Upgrades

Disclosed is a method and system for continuous operation of Software as a Service ( SaaS) environments during upgrades.

Cloud environments are becoming more and more popular, specially for the purpose of providing SaaS. These environments, where a SaaS provider sets up an infrastructure

on the cloud to support the software implementation of a product (or set of products) to a customer, are NOT similar in nature to other development or operational environments. In other environments a new instance of a product/solution can be instantiated and some demo/sample data can be added to it any time to try and or test a new version of the solution. Instead, the instances of the SaaS software needs to have continuity and must contain all the customer configuration, customization, and customer data, which keeps growing and is updated on a day to day basis. That data cannot be created from scratch every time a new version of a software component is updated. Instead, it needs to be continuously maintained in the environment while rolling out new versions/updates of the software.

Thus, this SaaS environments, in addition to normal virtual machine (VM) setup includes additional infrastructure:

Setting up the environment, including the installation of the infrastructure/middleware and software products on top of it. Configuring the environment to fit the customer needs.

Adding customer data to the environment where the data is dynamic and keeps


The following are SaaS environment challenges:

Keeping that environment up to date according to software updates while

maintaining all the data from the customer still intact and up to date with continuous requests being served by the software.

Supporting the Service Level Agreements (SLA) targets for availability of the

solution and minimizing the downtime for software upgrades.

What is needed is a solution which allows SaaS environments to be upgraded without disrupting the continuous operation of the service for the customers.

Disclosed is a system and method that provides continuous operations of SaaS environments during upgrades of the software (SW) components through the use of Rolling Upgrade as a Service (RUaaS) combined with efficient cloud techniques which minimize cost.

The RUaaS process allows customer access to the production cluster while an upgraded system is constructed in parallel....