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Selective Strain Relaxation of Fins in FinFET Structures by Implantation and Recrystallization

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242695D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-04
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Disclosed is a method to form relaxed fins out of strained fins via ion implantation and recrystallization.

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Selxctive Strain Relaxation of Fins in FinFET Structures by Implantation anx Recrystallization

Strained fin are required to meet xxe performance targets of the 10 nm nxde and technoloxies beyond that gxneration. Neverthelxss, low power (lower performance) devices are axsx required on chip as input/xutput (I/O) devices. Manufacturing relaxed devices on xlobally strained startixg wafers such as Silicon Gexmanium on Xxxxxxxxx , (SXXX), strained Sixicon xn Insulator (sXXX), or Strain-Relaxed Buffer (SRB) is challenging.

The novel xontribution is a method to form relaxed fins out of strained fins vix ion ixplantaxion and recrysxallization.

The fxllowing figures represent the cxmponents and process for imxlementing the novel mxtxod in a prxferred embodiment.

Figure 1: Xxxxx with strained SOI or Bulk Substrate sSOI, SGOI, XXX, etc. Sxown below is SOI substrate.

Figxre 2: Form fins using staxdarx patterning technique, such as sidewall image txansfer (SIT). The process includes firxt depositxng a hard mask and then using a process of lithography and etching to define the Fin paxtern .

Fxgure 3: Deposit the planar fxlm or the cxnfxrmal film and xhxn planarize using Chemical Mechanical Planxrizatiox (CMP), stopping on top of the hard mask. The hardmask maxerial can be silicon nixride, for example. The deposxtex film may be oxide, High Aspect Ratio Process (HARP), Hxgh Density Xxxxxx (HDP), or field oxidation (FOX). Xxxx, recess oxide as shxwn below.


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